Understanding, capitalizing and harnessing the power of diversity is essential to the success of today’s leaders. For the leader that’s slightly different, this statement is especially true. Whether it’s the young executive that’s ten year’s junior to the rest of his peers, the one female programmer amongst the group all male techs, or the one minority leader in the C-Suite of the leading insurance firm. We must learn how to maximize our unique backgrounds, talents, and experiences to guide, influence and motivate others.  My goal is to assist leaders in harnessing the uniqueness of diversity to develop creative, practical solutions within their everyday lives, whether, in the community, the workplace or the home.

Who is the UNLIT LEADER?

I am an everyday leader, consistently working towards becoming a better leader, father, and husband. I’m an ambivert, I count time in my head and I strive on processes. I love anything to do with technology, Star Trek (especially The Next Generation) and I’ve recently begun collecting comics (at the age of 40!). In regards to work experience, I have served in the military (U.S. Army) for the past 20 years as an intelligence technician and most recently as a cyber security technician. As far as formal education I hold undergraduate degrees in Administrative Management and Communications, an MBA in Project Management, and numerous IT and cyber security related certifications.

Brian D. Matthews Sr.

Brian D. Matthews Sr.



Like many of you, I’m consistently discovering new ways to become a better leader for my family, community, and those around me. Over the years I’ve learned that leaders come from all different walks of life. Therefore diversity in leadership should be embraced within the workplace, the community and the home without ostracizing any group or individual. This task is easier said than done and it’s one that I have struggled with as minority leader. Therefore I want to share advice and help the diverse leader recognize the power and advantage of being a nontraditional leader.